The Book Review!

Abela, Deborah

The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee Series

The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee / Book 1

Brady, Dustin

Trapped In A Video Game Series

Trapped In A Video Game / Book 1
The Invisible Invasion / Book 2

Cameron, W. Bruce

A Dog's Purpose Series

A Dog's Way Home / Book 2

Chiklis, Autumn


Crosby, Bette Lee

Magnolia Grove Series

The Summer Of New Beginnings / Book 1

Dunn, Scarlett

The Langtry Sisters Series

Return To Whispering Pines / Book 2

Feek, Rory

Once Upon A Farm

Fenton, Liz & Lisa Steinke

Girls' Night Out

Friedland, Jacqueline

Trouble The Water

Harvey, Kristy Woodson

Peachtree Bluff Series

The Secret To Southern Charm / Book 2

Holmes, Steena

The Forgotten Ones

Lesage, Vicki

Paris Confessions Series

Confessions Of A Paris Party Girl / Book 1

Lunden, Brit


McDonald, Megan

Judy Moody Series

Judy Moody Was In A Mood / Book 1

McGough, Donna

Shark Island

Neville, Kati & Lindsay Ahrens

Fix Freeze Feast

Pavlovsky, Nicole

The Dinner Salad Cookbook

Pearl, Melissa & Anna Cruise

Aspen Falls Series

Dead Of Winter / Book 1
Dead Set / Book 2
Dark Horse / Book 3

Robert, Katee

Hidden Sins Series

The Surviving Girls / Book 3

Roberts, Nora

Chronicles Of The One Series

Year One / Book 1

Stand Alone Books

Shelter In Place

Sylvester, Maxine

Ronaldo : The Flying Reindeer Series

Rudi's Birthday Extravaganza / Book 3

Votano, Joseph R.

The Ever Changing Coastline
The Timeless Seashore

Williams, Mark. D

Weather Disasters 

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